From the 1st of June, a new section "Bazar" opens on our website.

13.06.2019 13:13
From the 1st of June, a new section "Bazar" opens on our website.

In this section, you will have the opportunity to sell your antiques and collectibles items.

All you need is a computer with internet and photos of your items.


In this section will be possible:

Put your items up for auction (with your starting price and time of end auction).
Sell items with a fixed price.
Sent messages between users (the ability to speak with other users in private messages).
You can place your items without comission and any payments, its absolutely for free.
Support from the Auction House.
In this case of the opening a new section, we have a special “Promotion”:

The first 50 users who put up at least 10 items (antiques and collectibles) for auction, or sale, will receive 15 Euros from the Auction House as support and thanks for using our new section.
Promotion Rules:

At least 10 items must be listed at auction or sale.
You can not relist the same items several times.
One person (user) can receive payment only once, if not all payments are annulled.
Payments are made from the 5th day after the listed item will ends.


The promotion is valid until 30.06.2019!


To receive a payment, after you have placed all the items, please contact us by mail [email protected]

Payment is made to a bank account (SWIFT), or in cash in our store, there are no other options.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected], or call +371 28886998.
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